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It’s impossible to calculate how many ants are on this planet but estimates put the number at about 10,000,000,000,000,000,000. And when they invade your home, office or yard they can be overwhelming.

Have you ever accidently disturbed one of their nests or walked into your kitchen and found a massive line of ants swarming the leftover birthday cake you left out of the counter? Yikes!!!

What they eat

Ants are particular to sweets. They will also look for water when it gets dry. They can work their way under your home’s foundation, find a way in via cracks in the wood, get into your walls and invade your home through a tiny hole in a baseboard. Anything to get to the food or water source.

Multitudinous Flash Mob-ulous Infinitum


When worker ants find a tasty piece of food they respond by placing a bit of pheromone on the ground. They continue to leave a trail of pheromones all the way back to the nest. Only one ant needs to find the food and lay a trail. Once that happens, thousands of ants can follow the trail to the food source. Pretty clever, right?

We need Ants

Ants are a normal and important part of our urban ecosystems. But you don’t have to tolerate them living in your home with you. Call us, we can help you with the little cridders.