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Black Widows • Wolf Spiders • Hobo Spiders

Seasonal Treatments

Spiders like to come inside and get warm too! They can crawl in through heating vents, open spaces in doors and windows  or hidden spots you might not think of.

Some spiders may be living outdoors in piles of firewood and debris, under items lying on the ground or in voids in hollow blocks, while others live in attics and crawl spaces or other areas throughout the home. 

The last thing you want it one of these little guys snuggling up next to you, your children or pets when you’re asleep! Call us, we can help.

Black Widow

Poison infinitum No Touchie Maximus

These small spiders have an unusually potent venom containing a neurotoxin. Female widow spiders have unusually large venom glands and their bite can be particularly harmful. Only the bites of the females are dangerous to humans. 

Wolf Spider

Runattchu Horibilous Scarious

Wolf spiders have excellent eyesight and will pounce on prey. They play an important role in natural population control of other insects. They can run at you with incredible speed and that’s admirable. But they don’t belong in your home.

Hobo Spider

Octopedial BoxiGlovimus Ouchie Ouchie

Hobo spiders have 8 legs and what appear to be boxing gloves on their antennae. They can be found in almost any habitat containing holes, cracks or crevices which can support tunnel formation. Since they are poor climbers, they are rarely found above ground level. They frequent dark, moist areas and are most often found in basements, window wells and crawl spaces.