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Yellow Jackets

There is NO REASON for these to exist! Well, in our opinion… OK in our web designer’s opinion 🙂

Yellowjackets are found worldwide, and there are about 16 species that reside in the U.S. They are social insects that have annual colonies; only the queen lives through winter to start a new colony in the spring. Depending on the species, the queen will pick either an underground or aerial site to build her nest.

Common places for a nest are attached to bushes, trees, or the eaves of homes. Yellowjacket nests are built with a recognizable paper-like material made from chewed cellulose.

Jerkiccus Nastimaximus Infinitum

What they eat

Yellowjackets will eat  just about anything when they are hungry. They particularly like sugary substances such as flower nectar, fruit, soda your kid’s lollipop…

Sometimes they are carnivorous and will munch on road kill, car skwooshed grasshoppers on the road, your roast beef sandwich, the bacon on your alfresco breakfast. I even had one take a bite out of my arm once. Trust us, they don’t like it when you wave them off either…

When these little jerks attack

Yellowjackets are very territorial. If the entrance to their nest is approached, they may become aggressive. They can sting repeatedly and their stings can be very painful. People who are allergic to their venom could have a severe reaction, and it is possible to become hypersensitive to yellowjackets after being stung. 

It is very important to call a professional to remove a yellow jacket nest on your property.  Attempting to remove the nest by yourself could result in a yellow jacket attack of epic proportions! Ok, we’re exaggerating but seriously – save yourself, your family, your pets and your health and give us a call. We eat these cridders for breakfast!

And we still think they have no reason to exist…