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This year has been crazy for Badgers. We have seen a large increase in badger calls this year. We believe it’s because of the drought and it pushed the badgers towards the city.

Identifying a Badger

Badgers are covered in a mix of gray, black, and buff fur with distinctive white and black markings or ‘badges’ on their faces. They are also known to have a white stripe that starts at the tip of the nose and continues over the head to the middle of their shoulders. Stocky, flattened bodies and short legs keep these pests near the ground, which is important, as they are excellent burrowers. Badger toes are webbed and have sharp claws that can grow up to two inches in length.

Badger Damage

Badgers are large and build extensive tunnel systems. They can infest lawns, gardens and farmlands and cause damage to livestock if they step in these massive holes. They can also be pretty frightening to meet in person and have been know to ferociously attack if they feel threatened. Don’t approach them, call Cridder Ridder of Idaho and we will come take care of the pesky cridder for you.