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Also known as a Yellow Bellied Marmot

They are carnivorous and each veggies (like your garden). Most of their diet is grass and plants (like your lawn). They will also feast on grasshoppers and bird eggs.

They burrow under the ground and make a huge mess. Their hole is anywhere from 4” to 6” in diameter and they leave a mound of dirt behind when they dig their home.

They are known to stay on a property until they have eaten all they want before moving on. If you have lots of vegetation, they’ll likely be around for a while and eat all you have to offer.

Rockchuck Rescue!

Deni Hawkins KBOI while on location found a Rockchuck snuggled into her car’s engine. See how we rehome this surprisingly large Cridder.

This one tried to eat a car engine…