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Skunk Removal in Boise & Meridian, Idaho

Looking for the best skunk removal services in Meridian and Boise, Idaho? We can help!

Oh what Is that smell????? That’s skunk perfume and you have to admit it’s effective. While there are lots of mechanisms that have developed to protect certain species; stingers, venom, sharp teeth, horns – you have to admit that a super strong offensive smell that will make a mountain lion run the other way is a genius move on the part of Mother Nature. The skunk is protected from predators without even lifting a claw.

Their smell notwithstanding, skunks can be quite destructive. They have strong claws and can dig up lawns and gardens, burrow under your house or porch and ruin foundations. This makes effective skunk removal in Boise, Meridian, ID and the Treasure Valley area especially important.

Skunk Diseases

Skunks carry a number of diseases that can be harmful or transmitted to people, pets, or other animals.

  • Transmission of rabies begins when the infected saliva of a skunk is passed to an uninfected person or animal. Rabies is fatal.
  • Leptospirosis is a bacterial disease that can infect all mammals, including humans. Touching infected areas such as soil or food can also cause an infection. Death, jaundice, and kidney or liver failure can occur with human infection although flu-like symptoms are most common.
  • Distemper can be carried and spread to other animals (especially dogs) by skunks. 

How to Get Rid of Skunks

  • Removing a skunk, whether it’s dead or alive, requires professional tools and techniques.
  • Damage Repair and Cleanup.
    • The presence of a skunk leaves an acrid odor, and their pungent spray can severely damage indoor or outdoor property. In addition to repairing the property, we also repair damaged access points, including foundation vent screens. 
  • Prevention.
    • May require the installation of a barrier system to manually prevent skunk intrusion.
    • Controlling overgrowth and treating lawns to reduce snake and grub populations, sealing garbage cans, securely storing pet food and making the property less attractive to skunks.