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Voles and Gophers

We offer gopher and vole removal services in Boise, Meridian, ID And the surround areas because Voles and Gophers can cause a LOT, and we mean a LOT, of damage to lawns and landscaping.

Voles burrow just below the surface of the ground looking for grubs, worms or other insects. 

Gophers dig up to 18 inches below the surface and have a network (up to 600 feet!) of other tunnels to house their babies and basically just destroy everything in the vicinity.

The burrowing creates raised ridges in the yard, and often there will be a mound of dirt where the gophers and voles come up to check for predators and thumb their noses at home owners. 

Details of Why Vole & Gopher Removal Is Important

  • Both Voles and gophers live almost their entire lives underground.
  • Gophers can create tunnels just under the ground at the rate of 15 feet per hour!
  • Gophers consume about 60% of their bodyweight in vegetation each day.
  • Voles don’t eat vegetation but they do dig looking for grubs, worms or other insects.
  • Voles are social animals that typically live in colonies, so if you think you have a vole, you probably have many. Schedule vole removal in Ada County, ID today!
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