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Geese Removal

Honk, Honk! Also known as the - you guessed it - Honker!!

These pretty birds can be quite messy with their droppings (have you ever walked through a park or golf course and had to tiptoe through the landmines?) They can also be quite aggressive, especially when they have having little geeselets. 

We have many encounters and stories where a goose will attack during the gestation period and have broken arms, ankles, head injuries and more. This can be an extreme liability for companies for many reasons. Typically, We treat most issues within commercial properties and providing many services.

  1. Goose deterrent
  2. Poop clean up
  3. Decoys
  4. Lasers
  5. Cobra Chicken Hunter Shooing away dog!

Ask us about how we can help remove and clean up bothersome, filthy Cobra Chickens!

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The Infamous Cobra Chicken