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They want to move in with you!

Here in Idaho Starlings can be the most problematic bird we deal with.

In the springtime the bird can take their beak and open the louver on your exhaust fans from bathrooms, laundry or microwave vents.

Once they have established a safe zone, they continue to fill the cavity with anything they can find for nesting. Once the Starlings have established a home, they usually plug the entire exhaust vent which can become problematic or fire hazard.

Many times, we get calls “something is in the microwave and they don’t know how to get it out or they hear something in my bathroom vent – maybe it’s a ghost!. Careful not to disturb the vent because they are often filled with bird mites, which can give you the Eby Jeebies, we are here to help as we have repaired/replaces/cleaned many over the years.